June 7, 2023

Custom Packaging for Small Business [Complete Guide]

In a highly competitive market, custom packaging for small businesses is one of the ways business owners build connections with their customers. A custom package is not just another ready-made package, it has been designed to fit the product and also bear the brand identity. This helps products to stand out amidst other competitors’ products. 

It keeps the product safe and it is the first part of the product the client will see. This is the reason why small business packages should be an integral part of a business that should be treated with importance.

Packaged boxes

Importance of Choosing Good Packaging for Small Business

A good quality custom-made packaging is not just a package, it also doubles as your brand identity and it will do the following for your business:

Create Brand Recognition and Differentiation

Good custom packaging will also include your brand identity, this will help your customers recognize your products even when they are seen in retail outlets like supermarkets. 

To make your products stand out among competitors, you can also include your brand’s memo and details about your product in the package.

Product Protection and Safety

Choosing appropriate packaging for small businesses will help to keep your business product safe. Custom packaging companies help business owners create a customized packaging type that will suit the product’s specifications and keep it protected. Packaging serves as a protective barrier, shielding products from external factors that could potentially damage them during transportation. 

It can act as a buffer and provide shock absorption to prevent breakage or deformation. For example, packaging for fragile items like potato chips often includes materials like air-filled cushioning, foam, or rigid structures to absorb impact and maintain product integrity (Learn: Best Material and Printing for Packaging of Chips). Similarly, delicate glass bottles for perfumes are packaged with protective materials and structures to prevent shattering or leakage.

Package for product protection

Practicality and Convenience

Practicality and convenience are two features that your small business packaging will have when you choose a good packaging company. These characteristics make your products easy to use. An example illustrating how good packaging can offer convenience is the resealable zipper pouches used for snacks like trail mix or dried fruits. 

The zipper closure allows users to easily open and reseal the packaging, preserving the freshness of the contents and providing convenient snacking options on the go without the need for additional storage containers.

Custom Packaging Options for Small Business Packaging

Custom packaging for small businesses is personalized and allows business owners to have their brand identity on their packages.

Packaging Materials

The kind of packaging materials used for custom packaging for small businesses is majorly determined by the products. Here are some of the materials options you can choose from:


One of the most long-lasting packaging materials for small business owners and most especially preferred by business owners who are into importation and exportation is cardboard. Packages that make use of cardboard can withstand a long transport and it also contains properties that prevent moist penetrations. 

Cardboard is also an eco-friendly packaging for small businesses because it is made from wood.

Cardboard packaging


Paperboard is a packaging material (quite thicker and more durable than regular paper) that is mostly used for the transportation of edibles and food to and from a long distance. It is a biodegradable material which makes it an eco-friendly packaging for small businesses. 

Paperboard, as a packaging material, has a significant impact on the packaged product. It provides protection by acting as a barrier against moisture, light, and physical damage. Additionally, paperboard contributes to the stability of the packaging, ensuring that the product remains intact and protected during transportation, storage, and handling.

Paperboard packaging


Plastic materials are advisable for custom packaging for small business that is into making edibles that need to have their flavors retained. They are the most suitable for food and beverage packaging. Plastic material(s) is waterproof and airtight. This helps it to retain the flavor and quality of products.

Packed fruits in plastic

Packaging Design and Branding

From the packaging design which includes the materials and structure, to the branding which is the total visual identity of the business. 

The visual identity consists of the logo, colors, image, typography, and every element that makes the packaging aesthetically pleasing. 

Customization Techniques

These are the different methods that can be used to print or inscribe the visual identity of packaging supplies for small businesses. 


After choosing the most suitable material, you also need to choose a printing technique. There are different types of printing. Gravure printing, which is made with the Rotogravure printing machine, is fast, high quality, and will retain color. However, it is quite expensive to set up for small business packages. 

Another versatile machine for printing is the flexographic machine which can be used for bulky production. It is cost-friendly and still delivers high-quality printing production.


Embossing is the printing technique that elevates the design or image on the printing material. This printing technique is mostly used on paper. It is mostly used for logos, medical packaging, and for braille users who are mostly visually impaired. It helps them to read the details of the packaging efficiently. 

Emboss print


Foiling print is a printing technique that makes use of foil metal paper and heats to create a shiny touch on the print as a finishing. Foiling is majorly used to add a finishing beautifying and decorative touch to print. It is mostly used on paper and card prints like products tag, labels, and menus (Learn: Tips For Printing On Recycled Paper)

Product in Foil Package

Custom Labels and Stickers

Custom labels and stickers will help to create a connection with customers who patronize your business. They should be delightful to behold and as well useful to the product. Your brand identity and information about the brand are details that should be included in the custom label and sticker. 

You can also include information about the shelf life, how to use the product and the product component.

Steps to Custom Packaging for Small Business

Now that we have explored the custom packaging alternatives for small business packaging, these are steps to take for custom packaging for small businesses. 

Define Packaging Goals and Objectives 

These are goals and objectives that will be a major determinant of the choices and decisions you make for your small business packages. 

Are you packaging your product mainly for aesthetics? Are you packaging your products primarily for the safety of the product? Are you trying to create brand awareness and generate sales? Reflecting on questions like these and setting them will help you decide on the most appropriate material that matches your preference. 

Research and Select Packaging Suppliers

Now, you have decided on the packaging materials that suit the products. This is the time to make your research and select packaging suppliers. 

However, searching for a packaging supplier can be quite stressful because you have to compare the supplier’s quality result and cost of production before settling for one.

Consider Budget and Production Requirements

Consideration of budget and production requirements is essential when it comes to custom packaging for small businesses. Limited financial resources necessitate careful spending decisions, and selecting packaging materials, designs, and customization options that align with the budget is crucial. 

Additionally, understanding production requirements such as volume, turnaround time, and scalability allows for efficient planning and cost-effective production. 

Test and Evaluate the Packaging Solution

Always confirm you test and evaluate the packaging before it gets to the customers. What you should do is go through the information on the packaging to make sure they are correct. A package that does not suit or is not well produced can damage the product. You can also reach out to users who are willing to test these product packages to give their reviews and feedback.

Furthermore, working with package suppliers can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Hence, it is advisable you have your own packaging machine. In the following section, we will teach you how to produce your packaging for small businesses.

Alternative Method: Producing Packaging for Your Own Business 

In this section, you will learn the option of producing those packaging boxes for small businesses yourself. 

Cost Efficiency

Producing your small business packaging supplies will reduce the cost of production. You won’t have to worry about the excessive cost of packaging supplies by packaging manufacturers. It gives you control over your budget and finances. 

Increased Control

You also have the liberty to control your production rate since all packaging production is determined by you. You can increase or decrease production depending on your packaging supplies for small businesses.

Faster Turnaround Time

Relying on packaging suppliers can affect your production time and delivery. Sometimes, suppliers also receive a high demand for their services and so can tend to be very slow in delivering and responding to queries. You will save yourself from all the revision stress when you produce your packaging yourself.

Get All Types of Machines for Small Business Packaging 

KETE is a high-profile machine manufacturer that produces many types of machines needed for your small business packaging. 

Support Various Material

KETE specializes in the production of paper products and pouch-making machines. The paper product machines are the solution you need for your paper production. They are diverse and can be used for various paper packaging boxes for small businesses(Learn: All You Need to Know About Folding Carton Packaging).

Paper box machine
source: Paper box machine

The pouch-making machines can be used to make pouches of diverse sizes and kinds. They also make them resealable which helps pouches retain their quality. 

Seal pouch machine
source: Seal pouch machine

Support Various Printing Techniques

KETE produces various printing machines with different techniques for packaging supplies for small businesses.

The Rotogravure Printing Machine printing machine is high-quality and can print on different materials. This gravure print from this machine will undoubtedly give a good first impression of your product’s package.

Roto Gravure Printing Press
source: Roto-Gravure Printing Press

The Flexo Printing Machine allows small business owners to customize their product’s package. The machine has a feature that allows personalized customization features, which helps you to create your unique product packaging style. It is high quality and versatile. 

KTFP A Flexo printing machine
source: KTFP-A Flexo printing machine

Support Producing Labels

KETE provides label making machine. The label can be made in different sizes and styles making them easy to use for various product packages. This machine is fully computerized making it have a high production rate. 

KTLP A Flexo label printing machine
KTLP-A Flexo label printing machine


In a nutshell, now you know customized packaging for small business owners is very significant, you need to pay attention to every detail about it (Learn: All You Need to Know About Tea Bag Packaging). In line with this, getting yourself machines to produce your small business packaging supplies will give you the liberty and free will to produce, and at the same time you spend less for production. 

At KETE, we manufacture packaging machines of different types and capacities that will facilitate packaging products for manufacturers and small business owners. Contact us to get a quote today! 

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