• Flexo Printing Machine
  • Flexo Printing Machine

KTFP-S70 Series Flexo Printing Machine

This flexo printing machine is suitable for the roller to roller printing Plastic Film, Paper, Non woven fabric, PP woven fabric, Aluminum foil, and other similar roller type materials.


  • 2 color, 4 color, 6 color, 8 color Printing
  • Printing Width From 600mm to 2400mm
  • With Auto Meter Counting System
  • Separate Control Design Drying System
  • Printing Cylinder Lift by Air Cylinder
  • Unwind with Power Brake Control
  • Unwind use EPC Control System
  • Inverter use Delta Brand
  • Electrical Part use Schneider Brand
  • Pneumatic Parts use AIRTAC Brand
CE Certification

Products Our Machine Can Make

Flexo Printing Machine Non Woven Fabric Samples
Flexo Printing Machine Paper Sample
Flexo Printing Machine PE Samples
Flexo Printing Machine Paper Samples
Machine Specifications
Model KTFP-S70
Printing Color 2/4/6/8/10 colors
Raw Material Width 600-2400mm (23.6”- 94”)
Printing Length (Repeat) 191-914mm (7.5”- 36”)
Max. Mechanical Speed 70m/min
Max. Printing Speed 50m/min
Rubber Plate Thickness 2.28mm /2.84mm
Color Register Precision ±0.15mm (Vertical/ Horizontal)
Unwind and Rewind Diameter Φ600mm (23.6”)
Paper Core Inner Diameter Φ76mm (3”)
Ink Water Based /Solvent Based
Tension Range 3-50kg
Tension Precision ±0.3kg
Air Supply 0.6Mpa
Power Support 3 Phase 220/380/440V 50/60HZ

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