Quality is highlighted through all processes from machine manufacturing to after-sales service.

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Designing & Sourcing

Branded and Quality Components Only

The stable and comprehensive performance of a machine depends on the quality of every single part. To achieve the best performance with a  reasonable budget, every part we use goes through strict quality inspection. Key components, like servo motors and PLC systems, are all purchased from long-term reliable suppliers.

components inspections
KETE‘s experienced technician is commissioning the machine

Assembling & Commissioning

Stable Performance Ensured

From part processing to machine assembling and final commissioning, every step follows the strict quality standard and is under the close supervision of experienced technicians.


Our professional mechanical engineers take responsibility for machine commissioning. We will keep making adjustments till the machine is able to produce the packages according to your requirements and the good performance of the packages has been ensured.


360° Anti-Rust Protection

Heavy machine shipment by sea suffers a lot from water corrosion.

To prevent potential damage, all our machines are painted with anti-rust oil. By packing them into customized composite fumigation wooden boxes, we make sure the machines are delivered to you safely and sound.

double check before delivery
KETE’s technician is tuning the paper bag making machine


Worry-Free After-Sales Service

With quality machines, KETE also provides comprehensive after-sales services.


Every machine is covered by a warranty of at least 1 year. For some machines, the warranty is extended to 2 years. For any normal downtime or parts replacement within the warranty period, KETE takes full responsibility for repairing machines and dealing with machine breakdowns.


(Notes: Normal consumption accessories KETE will provide a list of accessories that can be used for one year and shipped together with the machine.)

Certifications and Honors Earned by Our Factories

With more than 30 years of manufacturing experience, our factories has earned various certifications and honors.

*We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.