February 6, 2024

Industry Leaders: 5 Flexo Printing Machine Manufacturers Revolutionizing Printing

Are you on the lookout for top-notch flexo printing machine manufacturers who aren’t just playing the game but changing it entirely? I’m here to guide you through a handpicked list of 11 industry-leading flexo printing machine manufacturers. These trailblazers are revolutionizing the art of printing with their innovative approaches and state-of-the-art technology. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, understanding who’s who in the flexo printing world is crucial for making informed decisions. So, let’s get started and explore these titans of printing technology!

Company NameHeadquartersFounded YearKey Products
KETE GROUP LIMITEDWenzhou, China2011CI Flexo Printing Machine, Stack Flexo Printing Machine, In-Line Flexo Printing Machines
Mark AndyChesterfield, Missouri, USA1946Performance Series, Evolution Series E5, Pro Series Flexo Label Press
Windmöller & HölscherLengerich, North Rhine Westphalia, Germany1869MIRAFLEX II, NOVOFLEX II, VISTAFLEX II
Koenig & BauerWürzburg, Germany1817Sheetfed and Webfed Printing Presses, Digital Print, Flexo Presses
Soma EngineeringLanškroun, Czech Republic1992Flexo Printing Machines, Slitter Rewinders, Laminators

The Evolution of Flexo Printing Technology

The journey of flexo printing from its humble beginnings to today’s high-tech era is a testament to relentless innovation. Initially favored for simple, cost-effective printing, flexo has undergone transformative changes. The advent of photopolymer plates marked a leap in image resolution and detail, catapulting flexo into high-quality printing. Digital plate-making further enhanced precision, revolutionizing design capabilities. A significant evolution in inks, particularly with the introduction of UV-curable and water-based varieties, not only improved print quality but also addressed environmental concerns. On the machinery front, modern flexo presses now feature advanced technologies like servo-driven motors and computerized controls, as well as specialized rollers, offering unprecedented speed, efficiency, and versatility. These presses, capable of inline finishing processes, streamline production, reducing waste and time. This remarkable evolution reflects flexo printing’s adaptation to market demands, positioning it as a key player in the competitive world of high-quality, efficient, and eco-friendly printing.

kete logo


Headquarters: Wenzhou, China

Founded Years: 2011

Service Area: Global

Certifications: ISO 9001, CE, Rohs

Main Products: CI Flexo Printing Machine, Stack Flexo Printing Machine, In-Line Flexo Printing Machines

About Us: Inaugurated in 2011 and headquartered in Wenzhou, China, KETE GROUP LIMITED has rapidly ascended as a paragon in the flexographic printing technology sector. Esteemed for harmoniously amalgamating traditional craftsmanship with avant-garde technological innovations, the KTFP series is a testament to their fervent commitment to operational efficiency and adaptability. Capable of reaching speeds up to 250m/min, these machines notably augment productivity by 50%, while offering a comprehensive spectrum of printing capabilities, accommodating 2-8 color options and handling widths from 600 to 2400mm.

KETE GROUP LIMITED’s pledge to environmental stewardship is prominently reflected in their utilization of FDA-approved, environmentally benign inks, a strategic choice that particularly resonates within the food-grade packaging sector. This sustainable approach is coupled with the expertise of a seasoned cadre of industry professionals, driving KETE GROUP LIMITED to engineer bespoke, cutting-edge solutions that not only meet but surpass client expectations.

Their global influence is underscored by an impressive annual exportation of over 200 flexo printing machines, a feat supported by rigorous pre-production testing and a robust 2-year warranty, underscoring their unwavering dedication to quality. KETE GROUP LIMITED’s expansive product range, encompassing the high-capacity CI Flexo Printing Machine, the efficient Stack Flexo Printing Machine, and the multifaceted In-Line Flexo Printing Machines, illustrates their versatility and commitment to catering to a diverse array of market demands with superior printing solutions.

Soma Engineering logo

Mark Andy (USA)

Headquarters: Chesterfield, Missouri

Founded Years: 1946

Service Area: Global

Certifications: ISO 9001

Main Products: Performance Series, Evolution Series E5, Pro Series Flexo Label Press

About Us: Inaugurated in 1946, Mark Andy stands as an eminent figure in the flexographic printing industry, consistently pioneering advancements in label and packaging production. The Performance Series has garnered acclaim for its significant role in amplifying profitability across an extensive array of label applications. Concurrently, the Evolution Series E5 represents a scalable, full-servo flexo solution, ingeniously crafted to address the exigencies of the current market while being sufficiently adaptable to future advancements.

The advent of the Pro Series Flexo Label Press marks a pivotal juncture in Mark Andy’s storied history, illustrating a commitment to modular and sustainable label production methodologies. This eco-conscious solution harmonizes with the modern ethos of sustainability, achieving a synergy between ecological responsibility and uncompromised efficiency and quality. Complementing this innovation are the Flexographic Press 830, renowned for its cost-effectiveness and storied legacy, and the Versa Max, optimized for mid-web applications, both exemplifying Mark Andy’s resolve to offer versatile and dependable printing solutions. Accumulating over 75 years of expertise, Mark Andy perpetuates its leadership in the industry, not solely through the provision of advanced and proficient printing solutions but also by championing sustainable practices within the flexographic printing arena.

Windmoller Holscher logo

Windmöller & Hölscher (Germany)

Headquarters: Lengerich, North Rhine Westfalia

Founded Years: 1869

Service Area: Global

Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001


About Us: Since its inception in 1869, Windmöller & Hölscher (W&H) has transcended as a vanguard in the flexible packaging manufacturing and converting sector. Boasting a legacy that spans over a century and a half, W&H has consistently demonstrated its prowess in innovation, fabricating high-performance machinery for film extrusion, printing, and converting. The company’s extensive global presence, with its advanced machinery and systems operational across more than 140 countries and in over 5,000 customer plants, is a tangible affirmation of their adherence to the ethos ‘Passion for Innovation’.

W&H’s product portfolio, featuring leading products like the MIRAFLEX II, the globally acclaimed flexo press for flexible packaging, the NOVOFLEX II, renowned for its robust output in demanding printing scenarios, and the VISTAFLEX II, a fully automated CI flexo press tailored for wide web applications, underscores their capability to address a heterogeneous array of customer requirements. These flexographic printing solutions are distinguished for their precision, operational efficiency, and adaptability, cementing W&H’s position as a trailblazer in the flexo printing machine industry. Further augmenting their portfolio is their commitment to integrating advanced inspection and automation systems, a testament to their dedication towards elevating productivity, efficiency, and the overall quality within the printing process.

Koenig Bauer logo

Koenig & Bauer (Germany)

Headquarters: Würzburg

Founded Years: 1817

Service Area: Global

Certifications: Multiple industry certifications

Main Products: Sheetfed and Webfed Printing Presses, Digital Print, Flexo Presses

About Us: Founded in the year 1817 in the historic city of Würzburg, Germany, Koenig & Bauer has established itself as the world’s most venerable manufacturer of printing machinery, a distinction that speaks to its longstanding dedication to innovation within the realm of printing technology. Their Central Impression (CI) flexo presses, emblematic of both versatility and efficiency, are equipped with up to ten printing platforms, offering an extensive range of capabilities for various print widths and lengths. Notably, their XD Pro and XG models represent the zenith of flexographic printing technology, boasting high levels of automation and the capacity to process diverse materials at speeds reaching 600 meters per minute, all while ensuring advanced precision in printing.

The integration of robust mechanical engineering, coupled with user-centric, intuitive interfaces and the incorporation of Industry 4.0 technological advancements, constitutes a significant advancement in printing efficiency and user experience. This synthesis of innovation and reliability cements Koenig & Bauer’s status as a preeminent figure in the flexographic printing machine industry, continuing to set benchmarks for quality and performance in this dynamic field.

Soma Engineering logo

Soma Engineering (Czech Republic)

Headquarters: Lanškroun

Founded Years: 1992

Service Area: Global

Certifications: ISO 9001

Main Products: Flexo Printing Machines, Slitter Rewinders, Laminators

About Us: Soma Engineering has ascended to the forefront of the global flexographic printer and converting equipment and packaging industry, distinguished by its synthesis of exemplary Czech engineering, premium quality components, and meticulous craftsmanship. The company’s devotion to maintaining a state-of-the-art production facility, where pivotal components such as frames are crafted with precision, underscores a steadfast commitment to unparalleled product quality.

The advent of Soma’s Optima series marks a significant stride in advanced flexographic printing technology. The series’ Advanced Bounce Control System is emblematic of Soma’s dedication to resolving issues related to bouncing and registration accuracy, thereby ensuring unwavering reliability at elevated speeds. Renowned for its adaptability, user-centric design, and extensive range of specifications, the Optima series addresses a broad spectrum of applications, from food packaging to intricate label production. The Optima² 8C and 10C/8CL models, specifically engineered for high-speed, fully automated operations in wide web and extended repeat segments, stand as the zenith of Soma’s technological prowess. These models, boasting advanced features including speeds of up to 600 m/min and print widths extending to 1450 mm, are a testament to Soma’s relentless pursuit of advancing the frontiers of flexographic printing technology, affirming their status as a pivotal industry innovator.

Key Trends Shaping the Future of Flexo Printing

The horizon of flexographic printing is being redefined by a dynamic amalgamation of pioneering advancements and agile adaptability. Presently, the industry is experiencing a substantial paradigm shift toward digital convergence, facilitating the emergence of more bespoke and streamlined printing methodologies. Paramount in this evolution is the incorporation of environmentally conscientious practices, mirroring an intensifying awareness and commitment to environmental stewardship. Furthermore, the integration of automation and artificial intelligence is revolutionizing operational efficiencies, augmenting accuracy, and expanding the applicability of flexographic printing across various new sectors. These progressive trends portend a future in which flexographic printing transcends its conventional role, emerging as a comprehensive, sustainable solution catering to a myriad of printing requisites.


In conclusion, this guide provides an insightful analysis of 5 preeminent flexo printing machine manufacturers. These distinguished companies each contribute distinctively, ranging from the implementation of avant-garde technology to the provision of unparalleled customer service. Prospective clients and partners are advised to undertake a meticulous and holistic assessment of critical parameters when selecting flexographic printing solutions. Aligning with these industry vanguards signifies an alignment with a future that promises enhanced efficiency, sustainable practices, and unparalleled versatility in printing technology. This strategic partnership with industry leaders not only propels one forward in the competitive market but also ensures engagement with the forefront of technological evolution in flexographic printing.

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