• Non Woven Bag Machine
  • Non Woven Bag Machine

KTNW-D Series Fully Automatic Non Woven Bag Machine

This Non Woven Bag Machine Is Suitable To Use Roll-Type Non Woven Fabrics To Make Die Cut Bags Fully Automatic


  • With PLC touch Screen Control System
  • With Ultrasonic Sealing System
  • Material feeding Control by Step motor
  • Unwind with Auto Loading and EPC System
  • With Auto Length Control System
  • With Automatic Counting System
  • With Auto Temperature Control System
  • With Auto Photo Senor Checking System
  • D Cut Bag with Auto Banana Handle Punch System
  • Optional: Servo Motor Drive System
  • Optional: Auto T-Shirt Bag Puncher
CE Certification
USD 22,000.00 - 35,000.00

Products Our Machine Can Make

Non Woven Bag Machine d cut bag
Non Woven Bag Machine flat bag
Non Woven Bag Machine D cutting bag
Non Woven Bag Machine d cutting bag samples
Machine Specifications
Model KTNW-D600 KTNW-D700
Raw Material PP / RPET Non-Woven Fabric
Finished Bag D Cutting Bag
Max. Raw Material Width 1250mm (49.2”) 1450mm (57.1”)
Max. Raw Material Diameter Φ800mm (31.5″) Φ800mm (31.5″)
Material Thickness 30-120gsm (1.18”-4.72”) 30-120gsm (1.18”-4.72”)
Max. Bag Making Speed 120bags/min 100bags/min
D-cut Bag Width 100-800mm (3.9”-31.5”) 100-800mm (3.9”-31.5”)
D-cut Bag Height 200-580mm (7.9”-22.8”) 200-580mm (7.9”-22.8”)
D-cut Bag Top Gusset 40-80mm (1.7”-3.1”) 40-80mm (1.7”-3.1”)
D-cut Bag Bottom Gusset 100-200mm (3.9”-7.9”) 100-200mm (3.9”-7.9”)
D-cut Bag Hole Size 20x80mm (0.78”3.1”) 20x80mm (0.78”3.1”)
Total Power 10kw 12kw
Machine Weight 3000kg 3500kg
Machine Size (LWH) 8500 x 2200 x 2100mm 9000 x 2400 x 2100mm
Power Support 3 Phase 220/380/440V 50/60HZ

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