December 20, 2023

Top 10 Packaging Machine Manufacturers Worldwide

In today’s fast-evolving packaging industry, selecting the right machinery manufacturer is crucial for efficiency and innovation. This article introduces you to the top 10 packaging machine manufacturers worldwide, diving deep into their histories, key products, and unique technologies.

ManufacturerFounding YearHeadquartersMain Products
KETE Group Limited2011Wenzhou, ChinaRotogravure and flexographic printing machines, label printing machines, various bag and packaging equipments
Tetra Pak1951Lausanne, SwitzerlandCarton packaging solutions, food processing equipment, aseptic and automation solutions
Krones1951Neutraubling, GermanyBottle filling and packaging lines, process technology, digital solutions, intralogistics
Aetna Group1987Villa Verucchio, ItalyStretch wrapping machines, shrink film machines
Coesia Group1964Bologna, ItalySecondary packaging, automated assembly, industrial process solutions
Sidel1960Hünenberg, SwitzerlandPET solutions, liquid packaging, labeling, line integration, various equipment
Marchesini Group1974Pianoro, ItalyPharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging machinery, aseptic processing, inspection systems, secondary packaging
MULTIVAC Group1961Wolfertschwenden, GermanyThermoform packaging machines, traysealers, vacuum chamber machines, labelling and inspection systems, bakery tech
PAC Machinery Group1971San Rafael, California, USAShrink wrap machines, automatic baggers, sealers
KHS1868Dortmund, GermanyFilling and packaging systems for beverage, food, and non-food sectors

KETE Group Limited

packaging machine manufacturers

Founding Year: 2011

Headquarters: Wenzhou, China

Main Markets: Global

Certifications: ISO 9001, CE certificate, and Rohs certificate

Key Products: Rotogravure printing machines, flexographic printing machines, label printing machines, paper bag machines, non-woven bag machines, wine capsule machines, paper product machines, heat shrink packing machines, plastic bag making machines, slitting machines, laminating machines

Specific Description:

KETE Group Limited, inaugurated in 2011 as an amalgamation of several eminent entities in the printing and packaging equipment domain, has rapidly ascended to prominence as a vanguard in the arena of flexible printing and packaging solutions. Under the banner of “KETE” for international markets, they proffer an all-encompassing array of industrial solutions, catering to sectors such as food & beverage, beauty & personal care, home & office accessories, along with industrial & express delivery packaging.

Boasting a formidable infrastructure, KETE operates 15 factories and 18 state-of-the-art production lines, culminating in a prodigious annual capacity exceeding 2000machines. Their unwavering commitment to excellence is underscored by accreditations such as ISO 9001, CE, RoHS, aligning with international standardsand, a manufacturing ethos that embraces a broad spectrum of machinery. This extensive portfolio encompasses sophisticated rotogravure and flexographic printing machines, advanced label printers, and bespoke machinery for the fabrication of paper bags, non-woven bags, paper straws, and more.

KETE’s philosophy centers around the provision of machines that epitomize not only the zenith of quality but also innovation and customer-centric design. This philosophy has propelled them to a prominent position in the global marketplace, with a distribution network spanning over 80 countries and a formidable 12-year track record in global sales.

After-sales service constitutes a pivotal aspect of KETE’s customer engagement strategy. They extend the expertise of overseas professional technicians for machine installation, calibration, and operator training. A one-year warranty following the completion of installation and calibration further exemplifies their dedication to enduring customer contentment. Moreover, their after-sales department is proactive in monitoring machine performance, providing troubleshooting support for an additional 30 days post-sale.

KETE’s product offerings are meticulously tailored to address the multifaceted demands of the printing and packaging industry, with a pronounced emphasis on sustainability. The design of KETE’s machines prioritizes energy efficiency and the utilization of environmentally benign materials, mirroring their commitment to ecological stewardship. By synergizing technological innovation, comprehensive industry insight, and unwavering customer service, KETE Group Limited has established itself as a paragon of excellence in the global packaging machinery landscape.

Tetra Pak

packaging machine manufacturers

Founding Year: 1951

Headquarters: Lausanne, Switzerland

Main Markets: Global

Certifications: Various industry-specific certifications

Key Products: Carton packaging solutions, food processing equipment, aseptic solutions, automation & digital solutions

Specific Description:

Since its inception in 1951, Tetra Pak has emerged as a paramount leader globally in the food processing and packaging sector, consistently associated with pioneering innovation and an unyielding dedication to environmental sustainability. The company’s origins are anchored in the groundbreaking creation of the tetrahedron-shaped paper packaging carton. This innovative design, offering a more efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional glass bottles used for milk distribution, not only lent the company its name but also marked its pioneering entry into the global food industry.

Tetra Pak’s proficiency spans a broad spectrum of categories, encompassing but not restricted to dairy, ice cream, a variety of beverages, prepared foods, cheeses, powders, and a diverse range of plant-based products. Their custom-engineered solutions are delicately crafted, catering specifically to distinct product lines. Beyond their comprehensive selection of equipment, Tetra Pak also provides a holistic suite of packaging materials, cutting-edge machinery, downstream equipment, and a dynamic array of services. These solutions are adeptly formulated to address the complex challenges encountered throughout the entire product development and packaging lifecycle.

The philosophy of Tetra Pak, rooted in a steadfast commitment to food safety, accessibility, and sustainability, coupled with its proficiency in technological innovation and perceptive market analysis, unequivocally positions the company as a visionary and influential frontrunner in the international food packaging and processing arena.


packaging machine manufacturers

Founding Year: 1951

Headquarters: Neutraubling, Germany

Main Markets: Global

Certifications: ISO, various industry-specific certifications

Key Products: Bottle filling and packaging lines, process technology, digital solutions, intralogistics

Specific Description:

Throughout its seven decades of progressive evolution, Krones has transcended its initial status as an embryonic family-operated enterprise, emerging as a global colossus in the vanguard of avant-garde technological solutions, with a particular acclaim in the liquid consumer goods sector. The firm’s prowess encompasses an array of sophisticated production methodologies, cutting-edge filling and packaging systems, innovative approaches in plastics recycling, advanced integrated intralogistics, and trailblazing digitalization strategies. This multifaceted suite of capabilities cements Krones’ status as not only a preeminent entity in processing myriads of beverage containers daily but also as a purveyor of bespoke, cross-industrial solutions spanning diverse sectors such as food, beverages, stimulants, chemicals, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

The extensive proficiencies of Krones are further augmented by its array of subsidiaries, each specializing in discrete yet complementary domains, synergistically bolstering the corporation’s core competencies. Notable among these are Syskron, concentrating on digitalization; Process and Data Automation, committed to the integration of multifaceted industrial control systems; and a cadre of process technology luminaries including Ampco Pumps Company, Evoguard, and Steinecker. These subsidiaries are instrumental in broadening Krones’ influence and expertise across a plethora of sectors.

Manifest in its impressive compendium of over 6,855 patents, Krones’ unwavering dedication to innovation is palpable, reflecting an indomitable pursuit of research and development. The organization’s comprehensive approach is not confined to the intricate engineering of machinery; it extends to the provision of all-encompassing turnkey lines, the meticulous planning, and edification of manufacturing facilities. Additionally, Krones proffers an array of consultancy and digital services, intricately fashioned to refine production processes and bolster operational efficacy for their clientele.

As a paragon in the packaging and processing technology domain, Krones is adeptly equipped to navigate the complex and perpetually evolving requisites of an international clientele. With its tailor-made solutions and steadfast focus on pioneering innovation, Krones unequivocally asserts its dominance, offering unparalleled expertise and support across an extensive gamut of industries.

Aetna Group

packaging machine manufacturers

Founding Year: 1987

Headquarters: Villa Verucchio, Italy

Main Markets: Global

Certifications: ISO, CE

Key Products: Stretch wrapping machines, shrink film machines

Specific Description:

Aetna Group, a trailblazer and authoritative entity in the realm of avant-garde packaging technologies, is adept in crafting high-precision stretch and shrink wrapping machinery. This esteemed organization has distinguished itself by devising packaging solutions that are exceptionally efficient and versatile, accommodating a diverse array of products within both the food and non-food industries.

The equipment fabricated by Aetna Group is celebrated for its robust construction, epitomized by unparalleled durability and a remarkable ability to function flawlessly in even the most challenging environmental conditions. Central to Aetna’s ethos is an unwavering dedication to user safety, which is reflected through the incorporation of innovative safety features designed to significantly reduce occupational risks. Additionally, Aetna’s allegiance to sustainable practices is manifest in the energy-conserving operation of their machinery, meticulously engineered to substantially curtail waste production.

The array of machinery proffered by Aetna Group is a testament to their profound proficiency in providing packaging solutions that are both reliable and economically beneficial. This amalgamation of operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness has been pivotal in cementing their status as a vanguard in the packaging technology sector, furnishing solutions that harmonize the complex equilibrium between meeting market exigencies and adhering to environmental responsibilities.

Coesia Group

packaging machine manufacturers

Founding Year: 1964

Headquarters: Bologna, Italy

Main Markets: Global

Certifications: ISO, various industry-specific certifications

Key Products: Secondary packaging, automated assembly, industrial process solutions

Specific Description:

Coesia Group stands as a paramount entity in the international packaging machinery landscape, consistently at the vanguard of pioneering innovative solutions. Their expansive product range, notable for its diversity, encompasses everything from advanced secondary packaging to cutting-edge automated assembly systems. Renowned for their meticulous precision engineering, Coesia’s machinery garners widespread recognition and demand across several critical sectors, including healthcare, consumer goods, and electronics, attributed to their matchless quality and dependability.

In their approach to crafting packaging machinery, Coesia masterfully integrates sophisticated automation technologies with user-centric interface designs, significantly enhancing operational efficiency while simultaneously improving user engagement and accessibility. Their commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in the energy-efficient design of their machinery, aligning with a comprehensive list of voluntary standard requirements, which also prioritizes reduced material usage. Coesia is a pioneer in incorporating contemporary digital technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their systems, a strategic integration that bestows their machinery with enhanced monitoring and control capabilities, thus markedly elevating their stature within the industry.

Coesia Group’s unwavering dedication to innovation, combined with their relentless emphasis on quality, cements their position as an indispensable protagonist in the global packaging industry. Their ability to seamlessly meld technological advancements with operational excellence not only marks them as a leader but also as a revered partner in the ever-evolving and dynamic sphere of packaging technology.


packaging machine manufacturers

Founding Year: 1960

Headquarters: Hünenberg, Switzerland

Main Markets: Global

Certifications: Various industry-specific certifications

Key Products: PET solutions, liquid packaging, labeling, line integration, equipment for blowing, filling, packing, palletizing, intralogistic systems

Specific Description:

Sidel, boasting a heritage exceeding 170 years with its solutions tailored for retail purposes, has cemented its status as a formidable force in the packaging machinery domain, particularly distinguished for its proficiency in PET solutions, liquid packaging, and labeling techniques. Their product lineup, ideal for food items, encompasses complete systems for a multitude of applications including water, aseptic processing, carbonated soft drinks, hot fill processes, edible oils, beer, wine, spirits, sauces, dressings, coffee, tea, and instant beverages. This comprehensive assortment highlights Sidel’s ability to address a wide spectrum of packaging requirements across beverage, food, home, personal care, and other industries using their advanced form fill seal technology.

The company’s ethos revolves around ensuring that products encased in their packaging solutions are not only secure and accessible but also aesthetically appealing. This ethos is deeply ingrained in their mission to redefine the packaging industry, offering high-efficacy solutions that emphasize product integrity, appeal, availability, and eco-friendliness. Sidel’s all-encompassing service offerings encompass consultation and engineering expertise, tools for enhancing operational efficiency, and an extensive array of equipment for blowing, filling, combi, labeling, container treatment, cleaning, conveying, feeding systems, packaging, palletizing, and intralogistic systems. Their machinery is adeptly compatible with various packaging materials, including PET, cans, glass, diverse plastic bottles, cartons, pouches, jars, tins, and secondary packaging options such as RSC cases, packs, trays, and wrap-around blanks.

As an integral part of the Tetra Laval Group, alongside Tetra Pak and DeLaval, Sidel is a pivotal component of a potent network within the packaging sector. This group encompasses entities like Gentlebrand and Makro Labelling, further extending its scope and capabilities. Gentlebrand, a pioneering packaging design agency, delivers inventive solutions across multiple materials for the FMCG industry. Meanwhile, Makro Labelling Srl specializes in versatile, modular labeling machines for various market segments, thereby augmenting Sidel’s extensive portfolio.

This robust network, combined with Sidel’s profound industry acumen, empowers them to offer unparalleled, holistic solutions that adapt to the evolving demands of packaging while steadfastly adhering to their principles of sustainability and innovation. Their approach transcends mere functionality, endeavoring to devise solutions that safeguard the environment and cater to the requisites of future generations, thereby affirming their stature as a visionary and leader in the global packaging machinery landscape.

Marchesini Group S.p.A

packaging machine manufacturers

Founding Year: 1974

Headquarters: Pianoro, Italy

Main Markets: Global

Certifications: ISO, CE

Key Products: Pharmaceutical packaging machinery, cosmetic packaging solutions, aseptic processing, liquid and solid packaging, inspection systems, labeling and serialization, secondary packaging, end-of-line solutions

Specific Description:

Marchesini Group S.p.A, originally established in a modest suburban garage in 1974, has undergone a significant transformation, evolving from a localized venture into an international colossus in the domains of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food packaging machinery.

Central to Marchesini’s ascendancy is its unparalleled proficiency in pioneering and tailoring technologies. The group has consistently been at the forefront of technological innovation within this sector, enabling the meticulous customization of each apparatus to cater to the distinct requisites of their clientele. Their array of products is comprehensive, encompassing all facets of pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging. This includes sophisticated aseptic processing, intricate liquid and solid packaging solutions, state-of-the-art inspection systems, advanced labeling and serialization techniques, and all-encompassing end-of-line solutions.

Further augmenting their technical expertise, Marchesini Group has intricately woven Industry 4.0 technologies into the fabric of their operations. This includes the integration of cutting-edge robotics, advanced serialization, and aggregation techniques, all of which are pivotal in augmenting the efficacy of their packaging machinery.

Marchesini also presents an innovative proposition through ‘Rinova’ – a line of meticulously refurbished machines that offer a cost-efficient, yet dependably high-performance alternative for enterprises. This initiative not only exemplifies their dedication to sustainable practices but also underscores their unwavering commitment to customer-focused innovation.

With their exemplary solutions, meticulously tailored to meet the unique demands of each business, Marchesini Group S.p.A stands as a paragon of innovation, excellence, and fervor in the packaging machinery sphere.


packaging machine manufacturers

Founding Year: 1961

Headquarters: Wolfertschwenden, Germany

Main Markets: Global

Certifications: ISO 9001:2015, CE, GS tested

Key Products: Thermoform packaging machines, traysealers, vacuum chamber machines, labelling and inspection systems, portioning and slicing equipment, bakery technology

Specific Description:

Incepted within the confines of a modest garage in Böhen in 1961, MULTIVAC Group has ascended to the pinnacle of global prominence in the packaging sector. The corporation, with its headquarters strategically located in Wolfertschwenden, Germany, epitomizes a paradigm of diversity, exceptional performance, and unparalleled quality within the packaging industry. Encompassing a workforce of over 6,900 experts across the globe, MULTIVAC manifests a formidable international presence, operating across an impressive expanse of 165 countries with a network of 84 sales and service subsidiaries, complemented by 14 strategically situated production facilities.

At the heart of MULTIVAC’s operational excellence is their profound proficiency in delivering superior quality solutions that span a comprehensive spectrum of packaging equipments & technology, automation, processing technology, and bakery technology, particularly post their strategic acquisition of the FRITSCH Group. Their offerings are meticulously designed to serve an extensive array of sectors, encompassing food, medical, pharmaceutical, and industrial commodities. The company’s product portfolio is remarkably diverse, featuring not only cutting-edge packaging technologies but also sophisticated handling and automation solutions, advanced labelling, meticulous inspection and quality control systems, as well as precision-driven slicing and portioning equipment.

Innovation and avant-garde technology are the cornerstones of MULTIVAC’s ethos. They proffer an expansive range of packaging line and automation expertise, underpinning maximum performance, unwavering process reliability, and heightened efficiency, which meet stringent energy requirements. This relentless pursuit of excellence is mirrored in their adherence to the ISO 9001:2015 standards and their voluntary participation in GS testing, underscoring their unwavering commitment to superior product, process, and service quality.

Catering to a diverse clientele, from artisanal producers to multinational conglomerates, MULTIVAC customizes solutions that establish industry benchmarks in both packaging and processing domains. The company’s philosophy of quality transcends their products and services, permeating every facet of their commercial endeavors, with a resolute focus on aligning with market dynamics and meticulously addressing customer specifications.

Presently, MULTIVAC is celebrated as an emblem of entrepreneurial foresight, top-tier solution offerings, rapid and groundbreaking responses to market changes, and a commitment to long-term strategic planning. Their extensive global footprint and customer-centric orientation solidify their reputation as a preeminent and reliable purveyor of integrated packaging solutions, both in the current landscape and in envisaged future scenarios.

PAC Machinery Group

packaging machine manufacturers

Founding Year: 1971

Headquarters: San Rafael, California, USA

Main Markets: North America, Global

Certifications: ISO, UL, CE

Key Products: Shrink wrap machines, automatic baggers, sealers

Specific Description:

PAC Machinery Group, a position of significant distinction within the North American packaging machinery landscape, is particularly noted for its expertise in engineering advanced heat seal technologies. This venerable entity commands great respect for its proficiency in engineering sophisticated shrink wrap machines, automated bagging systems, vacuum packaging machines, case sealers, and high-performance sealing devices. The equipment offered by PAC Machinery is acclaimed for its consistent reliability, user-friendly interface, and adaptable functionality, making it a critical asset in a variety of sectors, notably food processing, pharmaceuticals, and retail packaging.

The machines developed by PAC Machinery are the epitome of innovative engineering, placing a considerable emphasis on operator safety while concurrently enhancing operational productivity. These systems are equipped with advanced technological features, including programmable settings for precise control and rapid changeover capabilities, thus maximizing production throughput. PAC Machinery’s resolute dedication to environmental sustainability is manifest in their commitment to energy-efficient design and the utilization of recyclable materials in their machinery. This focus on sustainable practices, combined with their relentless pursuit of customer-focused solutions and continuous advancements in packaging technology, positions PAC Machinery as a leading provider for businesses in search of dependable, innovative, and environmentally-conscious packaging solutions.


packaging machine manufacturers

Founding Year: 1868

Headquarters: Dortmund, Germany

Main Markets: Global

Certifications: ISO, various industry-specific certifications

Key Products: Filling and packaging systems for the beverage, food, and non-food sectors

Specific Description:

KHS distinguishes itself as an exemplar in the domain of filling and packaging systems, primarily serving the beverage industry with unmatched proficiency. Their extensive array of offerings includes an array of sophisticated solutions, prominently featuring cutting-edge PET system technologies, advanced keg systems, and state-of-the-art labeling machines. KHS is celebrated for its high-capacity, automated systems, engineered with precision to meet the stringent demands of expansive, industrial-scale production environments.

KHS’s dedication to sustainability transcends the realm of energy efficiency, extending into active engagement in the development of technologies supportive of the circular economy. This commitment involves the innovation of systems that facilitate the use of recycled materials in packaging processes. Their machinery, noted for its versatile adaptability, ensures alignment with the dynamic landscape of packaging materials and formats. This flexibility is crucial in an industry that continuously adapts to fluctuating consumer preferences and evolving regulatory standards.

KHS’s significant global footprint is enhanced by an all-encompassing range of after-sales services, solidifying its standing as a leading provider for companies seeking sophisticated, dependable, and ecologically responsible packaging solutions. Their after-sales service array includes comprehensive preventive maintenance, efficient management of spare parts, and tailor-made training programs, all conscientiously designed to extend the lifespan and enhance the operational efficiency of their systems. This strong support framework guarantees that KHS clients receive prompt and effective assistance, effectively reducing downtime and maximizing production efficiency.

How Does Regulatory Impact Packaging Industry?

The packaging machinery industry, a pivotal sector within the global manufacturing ecosystem, navigates a labyrinthine array of regulations encompassing rigorous safety mandates, environmental directives, and food safety criteria. These regulatory structures are paramount in safeguarding worker welfare, curtailing ecological footprints, and preserving the sanctity of packaged commodities. In response to these mandates, entities within this domain are dynamically evolving their equipment designs and operational methodologies to meet international standards.

packaging machine manufacturers

In an endeavor to bolster worker safety and conform to voluntary standards such as those delineated by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), manufacturers are integrating advanced safety apparatuses within their packaging machinery. These advancements are strategically designed to diminish the risk of injury and comply with compliance standards. Regarding ecological stewardship, a discernible trend towards reengineering machinery for optimized performance in extreme temperatures, coupled with a focus on minimizing energy consumption, reflects a concerted effort to align with overarching environmental conservation goals.

Furthermore, to ensure compliance with an array of standards and specifically address labor requirements, packaging equipments are being developed with a heightened level of adaptability. This enables their efficient operation across various environments, thus maximizing spatial utilization effectively. This adaptive and versatile methodology adopted by the industry not only underscores its commitment to fulfilling the rigorous expectations of regulatory agencies but also exemplifies the sector’s dedication to technological innovation and advancement in order to make the best use of available floor space.

Final Thoughts

Within the sphere of packaging machinery, an industry distinguished by its relentless pursuit of innovation and augmented operational efficacy, the foremost 10 corporations are noteworthy for their amalgamation of state-of-the-art technology, unwavering commitment to ecological sustainability, and deep-seated commitment to satisfying client demands. These entities epitomize the zenith of adaptability in response to emerging market trends and occupy a critical position in steering the sector towards a greener and more sustainable trajectory. As a result, the discernment in choosing the most suitable packaging machine manufacturers has escalated in significance for businesses endeavoring to maintain a competitive edge and remain attuned to the evolving market exigencies.

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