Experience Unmatched Efficiency With KETE's Flexographic Printing Machine

An efficient, personalized packaging solution awaits! From small-scale to large production runs, our flexo printing machines give you the power to promote and protect your brand. Our customizable equipment lets you take complete control of printed output—achieving high-quality results that reflect the best version of your business vision.

Flexo Printing Machines - Fast, Safe, and Reliable

Flexographic Printing Machine – one of the most eco-friendly printing solutions available today!
With a blazing-fast production speed of up to 250m/min which increases up to 50% efficiency, the KETE Flexographic Printer is perfect for businesses looking to streamline their printing process.
With the toxic-free water-ink, it is a good choice for the food-grade packaging industry to ensure printed products meet food safety standards.
The flexo press is incredibly easy to operate and delivers stunning printing results across a variety of materials.
Make the switch to eco-friendly and efficient printing with KETE today!

Multiple Choices Flexo Press For Sale

2 Years Warranty
Maximum 250m/min
2-8 Colors Printing
600-2400 Printing Width

● Auto Meter Counting System

● Printing Speed: 70-80m/min

● Machine Size (LWH): 4500 x 2400 x 2600mm

image 1
● Single Side Doctor Blade
● Printing Speed: 70-80m/min
● Machine Size (LWH): 5000 x 2400 x 2600mm
image 2
● Doctor Blade: Double Side enclosed type
● Printing Speed: 100-120m/min

● Machine Size (LWH): 4500 x 2200 x 2600mm

image 3
● Back-to-Back Rewind Design
● Printing Speed: 120m/min
● Machine Size (LWH): 6400 x 2200 x 2700mm
image 4


● Unwind and Rewind with Auto Tension Control
● Printing Speed: 120-150m/min
● Machine Size (LWH): 5500 x 2300 x 3800mm
image 5
● PLC Touch Screen Control System
● Printing Speed: 180m/min
● Machine Size (LWH): 6800 x 2800 x 3400mm
image 6

● Germany BST brand Computer Color Register and Web Video

● Printing Speed: 220-250m/min

● Machine Size (LWH): 7000 x 2400 x 3400mm
image 7
● Printing Tissue Paper, Cutting And Folding to Sheet
● Printing Speed: 120m/min
● Machine Size (LWH): 6400 x 2200 x 2700mm

Different types of Flexo Press For Sale

Excellent in performance, KETE’s high-speed flexographic printer is suitable for high-quality printing of desired designs onto packaging.
KTFP C Series Flexo Printing Machine

CI Flexo Printing Machine

CI Flexographic Printing Machine, also known as the central impression flexo press. All printing units of the CI flexo press are arranged around a central drum for high-quality printing and registration accuracy.

● Flexible packaging printing:
CI flexo press is typically used for high-volume printing of flexible packaging materials such as plastic bags, pouches, and films.
● High registration accuracy:
With advanced electronic control systems and sensors, we have the power of automated precision in hand ensuring that each print is perfectly placed for maximum quality results!
● Low-pressure printing:
The low-pressure printing of the CI flexo printing press ensures the integrity and beauty of fragile materials such as thin films without being easily deformed or damaged.

Stack Flexo Printing Machine

Stack flexographic printing press is space-saving and high efficiency. The stack flexographic printing press can print both sides and different colors in one pass, saving time and space for you!

● Non-porous material printing:
Stack flexo printing machines are typically used for printing on non-porous materials such as metal, plastic, and foils.
● Strong processing capability:
The stack flexo press can print various materials and products with different shapes. such as paper, plastic bags, composite materials, etc.
● Double-sided printing at one time:
The stack flexo press can print both sides at one time, which improves production efficiency and printing quality.
KTFP A Series Flexo Printing Machine
image 3

In-Line Flexo Printing machines

The in-Line flexo printer, also known as the narrow web flexo printing machine, has all the printing units arranged in a linear configuration, with each unit printing one color on the substrate as it passes through the machine.

● Paperboard printing:
In line flexo press is commonly used for printing on corrugated cardboard, paperboard, and other similar materials.
● Multi color flexo printing machine:
The number of printing units can be determined according to your demand, with a maximum of twelve units, which can print 12 colors.
● Multifunctional:
The in-line flexo printer can adopt various processes and supporting devices for post-line processing. Such as hot stamping, laminating, die-cutting, etc.

All You Need To Know About Flexo Printing Machines

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Various Printed Material Options Our Flexo Printer Can Make

KETE: Your Reliable Flexo Press Manufacturer

Food-Grade Flexographic Printer

Especially suited for toxic-free water inks approved by the FDA to meet the printing needs of food packaging.

50% Efficiency Up

Up to 250m/min printing speed greatly improved your production efficiency.

Wide Range of Machines

The wide range of flexo printing machines with different functions to meet different printing needs.

Free Spare Parts

We provide spare components with the flexo printer to provide a dual assurance of quality.

Automated Operating System

Simple machine structure, simple automated machine operation, and easy maintenance.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance such as ISO 9001 system, CE certificate, and Rohs certificate.

Worry-Free Quality Control System of Our Flexographic Printer


During Production

● With a skilled debugging engineer going through the whole production process, we will produce your automatic flexographic printing machine perfectly.
● Our testing personnel will debug and test it for printing on related materials once your flexographic printer is ready.
● We will run a thorough test of all the capabilities to ensure your flexographic printing machine is in top shape.

Before Shipping

● Inspection before shipping is necessary. We are willing to support you with an on-site inspection or video inspection.
● We will place extra component replacements for every order for the maintenance of the flexo press.
● We will coat the rust-proof oil on the flexo printer, and put desiccants in the cartons to prevent dampness during shipping.
● To minimize the damage risk during shipping, we will disassemble the flexo press into sections and packed in wooden boxes.

After Sales

● Our overseas professional technician will help you to install and debug the flexo printing press in your factory, and will teach you how to operate the flexo printing press.
● After the installation and debugging, we will provide you with a 1-year warranty for the flexographic printer.
● During the after-sales period, our after-sales team will keep following your flexo press and provide technical solutions based on your needs.

Why Choose KETE as Your Flexographic Printing Machine Manufacturer?

At KETE, we bring the power of 10+ years in industry experience and a commitment to innovation. Our core team consists of 80% have a decade’s industry experience professionals – allowing us to provide custom solutions that meet any challenge you throw our way. We use cutting-edge technology for every project, ensuring your needs are met beyond expectation.
KTFP CP Series Flexo Printing Machine
● 200+ Flexo Printing Machines Exported Per Year
80% of Our Workers Have Over 10 Years of Industry Experience
● Overseas Professional Technician To Provide You with Local Installation Service
● 2 Years Long Warrant
● 4 Strict Machine Working Testings Before Your Mass Production Operating

The Industries That Serve By Flexo Press Suppliers

As one of the best flexographic printing machine manufacturers, our flexographic printing machines are renowned for delivering superior results that offer tremendous value and flexibility to numerous industries. Our distinguished flexo printer is a popular choice among businesses seeking high-quality, cost-effective solutions to best serve different product needs on different industries.

Packaging Industry

Our flexographic printing machine lets you make a beautiful impact with sharp and vibrant images that endure. Packagers around the world turn to us for labels, tags, corrugated boxes, bags, and wrappers — all printed on flexible plates made of rubber or photopolymer material designed to bring your designs vividly to life.

Food Industry

In the food and beverage industry, brand identity is at stake even before customers consume products. This means relying on flexo printing machines to apply labels or images onto packaging materials with the precision that meets regulatory requirements - a vital step in creating an inviting customer experience prior to consumption!

paper bags 4
Packaging Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Flexo printer is revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry and making it safer. With our leading press technology, companies can confidently produce a range of packaging materials like blister packs, labels and folding cartons that comply with stringent regulations, so customers get only superior products. It's never been easier to guarantee product safety!

Personal Care Industry

With flexo printing machines, personal care companies have the power to make a lasting impression on store shelves. From plastic and paper to foil packaging designs, these cutting-edge tools offer an abundance of creativity that can help brands craft beautiful logos with eye-catching detail - sparking conversations between consumers in ways never imaginable before.

Personal Care
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Automotive Industry

Flexo presses are the printing machines of choice for all types of industrial packaging projects. From building materials to automotive components and chemical products, the flexo printer is adaptable enough to transfer ink onto a diverse range of substrates. Its flexible relief plates make it an ideal tool in any product-packaging scenario-making its use essential across many industries!

Paper Industry

Flexographic printing is a reliable and efficient way to produce high-quality publications in large quantities. Using flexible plates wrapped around rotating cylinders, the machine applies ink onto the substrate with unprecedented accuracy – perfect for bulk prints that need exact registration and consistent visuals throughout!

A woman shopping with paperbags

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