• Flexo Label Printing Machine
  • Flexo Label Printing Machine

KTLP-AD Series Inline 3 Die Cutting Flexo Label Printing Machine

This Flexo Label Printing Machine Includes Unwinding, Printing, Varnishing, Drying, Laminating, Die-Cutting, Rewinding, And Sheet Cutting, All These Functions Can Be Finished One Time by This Machine. It Is a Highly Efficient Machine For Printing Adhesive Labels.


  • Use Ceramic Anilox Roller for Ink Transfer
  • Unwind and Rewind with Auto Tension Control
  • Unwind With EPC Controller
  • Unwind With Reverse Printing Turn Bar
  • Printing Unit Adopt 360° Plate Adjustment
  • Printing Unit Equipped with IR Dryer (Hot Air)
  • With Inline 3 Die Cutting Station
  • 1st and 2nd Die Cutting Roller Can Exchange for Double Side Work
  • 3rd Die Cutting Station Support Sheet Cutting.
  • Optional: UV Drying, Web Video Inspection,
  • Optional: Double Rewind, Sheeter Conveyer
CE Certification
USD 80,000.00 - 100,000.00

Products Our Machine Can Make

Flexo Label Printing Machine Samples
Flexo Label Printing Machine Samples
Flexo Label Printing Machine Samples
Flexo Label Printing Machine Samples
Machine Specifications
Model KTLP-AD 320 KTLP-AD 450
Material Adhesive Label Adhesive Label
Printing Color 1-6 colors(4+4colors) 1-6 colors(4+4colors)
Printing Speed 60m/min 60m/min
Max. Paper With 320mm 460mm
Max. Printing Width 310mm 450mm
Max. Unwind Diameter 650mm 650mm
Max. Rewind Diameter 650mm 650mm
Printing Repeat Length 177.8-355.6mm

206.3-460.3mm (optional)

238.1-539.25mm (optional)


206.3-460.3mm (optional)

238.1-539.25mm (optional)

Rubber Plate Thickness 1.14mm or 1.7mm 1.14mm or 1.7mm
Color Register Precision ±0.10mm ±0.10mm
Machine Weight About 3350kg About 3550kg
Machine Dimension (LWH) 2600 x 1100 x 3050mm(6colors) 2600 x 1230 x 30500mm(6colors)
Power Support 3 Phase 220/380/440V 50/60HZ 3 Phase 220/380/440V 50/60HZ

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