• film slitting machine
  • film slitting machine

KTSM-BS Series Plastic Film Slitting Machine

This Plastic Film Slitting Machine Is Suitable for Slitting Roll Materials Such As BOPP, PET, CPP, CPE, PVC, Aluminum Foil, Adhesive Paper, Leather Paper And Other Kinds Of Paper, Etc.


  • Use Round Slitting Knife
  • With Auto Length Counting System
  • Unwind and Rewind with Tension Control
  • Unwind with EPC Control System
  • Unwind and rewind use Air Shaft
  • Inverter use Import Brand
  • Electrical Part use Schneider Brand
  • Optional: Unwind Shaft Type Auto Loading
  • Optional: Unwind Shaft-less with Auto loading
CE Certification

Products Our Machine Can Make

Slitting Machine Samples 4
Plastic Film
Slitting Machine Samples 3
Plastic Film
Slitting Machine Samples 2
Plastic Film
Slitting Machine Samples 1
Plastic Film
Machine Specifications
Model KTSM-BS1300
Max. Raw Material Width 600-1300mm
Max. Raw Material Diameter 600-1000mm
Max. Rewind Diameter 450mm
Min Slitting Width 30mm
Slitting Speed 50-200m/min
Error <0.1mm
Total Power 11kw
Machine Weight 1500kg
Machine Size (LWH)m 1200 x 1600 x 1100mm

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