• Dry Laminating Machine
  • Dry Laminating Machine

KTLM-C Series High Speed Dry Laminating Machine

This dry laminating machine is suitable for laminating different kinds of materials in the packing industry such as plastic-plastic, paper-plastic, and aluminum-plastic lamination.


  • With PLC touch screen system
  • Double Frequency Conversing Synchronic
  • Two Means of Glue Applying
  • Top Air Style Oven Open, Initiative Guiding Roll in Oven
  • 4-sect Heating in Drying Oven Separate Control
  • Photoelectric Error Correction for Rewind
  • Reeling and Unreeling by Tumbling Dual-station Mechanism
  • Oil Warming System for Composite Reel
  • Optional: 4 Motor or 8 Motor Tension Control System
CE Certification

Products Our Machine Can Make

Dry Laminating Machine Samples
Dry Laminating Machine Samples
Dry Laminating Machine Samples
Dry Laminating Machine Samples
Machine Specifications
Model KTLM-C 1050 / 1250 / 1350
Material Plastic film / Paper / Aluminum foil
Laminating Width 1000mm / 1200mm / 1300mm
Laminating stratification 2 layers
Laminating speed 10-150m/min
Roll material Diameter Φ800
Oven Temperature 80℃
Total Power 95kw
Machine Weight 10000kg
Machine Size (LWH) 12600 × 3600 × 3300mm
Power Support 3 Phase 220/380/440V 50/60HZ

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