September 11, 2022

Wine Capsules Making Case

PVC Wine Capsule Case


Today we had got an inquiry of our Portugal customer, they need to make the wine capsules as follows

The customer is new joined this business, now he is doing is bottle Label Printing business, he wants to buy machines to make this wine capsules supply to his label customer.

After an online meeting with the customer, we know this customer wants to start from film making to wine capsules. we give our suggestion of all machine’s customer needs.

Film Extrusion Machine

Rotogravure printing machine

Slitting Machine

Wine Capsule Machine

Fully Production Line Machines

PVC Heat Shrink Film Wine Capsule Making Machine

PVC Film Blowing Machine

this machine use to make PVC roll films

Rotogravure Printing Machine

Rotogravure Printing Machine

this machine use to printing design on film, most customer design are printing by 5 colors, so we suggest customer choice 6 color printing machine, printing width we suggest choice 800 mm width, so you customer can printing 4-5 lines together. increase output. and we suggest customer add the polylam material printing functions

Success Test Non Woven Hanger Bag Making Machine

Slitting Machine

this slitting use to slitting printed roll films, because when customer do printing, you can design 4-5 lines together, after printing then slitting to small size. 

Success Test Double Handle Non Woven Bag Machine

Seaming Machine

this seaming machine use to make simple layer film in tube type

Success Test Non Woven Cup Bag Making Machine

Inspection Machine

this inspection machine use to inspection the seamed film, see the glue sealing strong or not

Success Test Side Gusset Non Woven Handle Bag Making Machine

D cutting machine

this machine use to cutting seaming rolls to sheet type


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