September 24, 2021

What Glue Paper Bag Making Machine Use

Paper Bag Making Machine For Sale Glue Tank

Paper Bag Making Machine Glue

1.   Paper Tube Forming

2.   Making Plastic Windows

2.1 Ordinary Plastic Window

2.2 Fully Opening Plastic Window

3.   Glue on Square Bottom

4.   The Advantages and Disadvantages of These Three types of glue

4.1    Water-based Glue

4.2    Hot Melt Glue

4.3    Paper Plastic Glue

Paper Bag Making Machine Glue

The packaging industry is one of the large markets for adhesives. As the market has higher and higher requirements for product packaging, all kinds of beautifully printed packaging products have put forward higher requirements for the adhesives used in them, which has also promoted the rapid development of packaging adhesives. Glue plays a very important role in the operation of the paper bag making machine. For example, glue is needed when folding paper and glue is also needed when forming a square bottom. So, if there is no glue, the paper bag cannot be formed. So today I would like to introduce to you what glue is used in each production link of paper bags.

1.    Paper Tube Forming

There are two kinds of glue used in the paper folding unit. If your paper material is laminated paper, then you must use hot melt glue in this production unit. Hot melt adhesive is a kind of plastic adhesive. Its physical state changes with the change of temperature within a certain temperature range, but its chemical properties remain unchanged. It is non-toxic and tasteless and is an environmentally friendly chemical product.

If your paper material is kraft paper, then in this link, you must use water-based glue. Water-based glue is a kind of environment-friendly glue prepared by using natural polymer or synthetic polymer as adhesive and water as solvent or dispersant to replace toxic organic solvents that pollute the environment.

The advantages of water-based glue are mainly non-toxic, non-polluting, non-flammable, safe to use, and easy to implement clean production processes. The disadvantages include slow drying speed, poor water resistance, and poor frost resistance. The difference between hot melt glue and water-based glue is that hot-melt glue dries faster than water-based glue, so it is more suitable for drench film paper.

2.    Making Plastic Windows

2.1 Ordinary Plastic Window

The glue used in the production of ordinary plastic windows is paper plastic glue. Paper plastic glue is a professional adhesive for bonding polyethylene (P.E) and polypropylene (P.P) film paper. It is widely used in over-plastic cartons, hand-held paper bags, and the bonding between the surface of the matte glue and the glossy glue film and the paper.

2.2 Fully Opening Plastic Window

A full-opening plastic window is a plastic window whose length is the same as the bag height. When making this kind of plastic window, you must use a double shot of hot melt glue. Because the plastic window has two sides, and the hot melt adhesive dries faster, you can use the double-gun dispensing method for gluing.

This type of hot melt adhesive film is suitable for secondary lamination processes. The release paper or release film on the back of the hot melt adhesive film mainly plays the role of protection and transfer lamination. So, it is very suitable for bonding with plastic film. The physical state of the hot melt adhesive changes with the temperature within a certain temperature range, but its chemical properties remain unchanged. Non-toxic and tasteless, it is an environmentally friendly chemical product.

Because the product itself is sturdy, it is convenient for packaging, transportation, storage, solvent-free, pollution-free, and non-toxic, as well as the advantages of a simple production process, high added value, high bonding strength, and fast speed.

3.    Glue on Square Bottom

You will use paper plastic glue when gluing the square bottoms of paper bags made of drench film paper. Why can’t you use hot melt glue? It stands to reason that hot melt adhesive is the most suitable for pasting the laminated paper, but because hot melt adhesive uses the method of dispensing, it is not suitable for gluing such a large area at the bottom of a square.

and paper-plastic glue also can be used for glue on drench film paper, so use paper plastic glue. Because the surface of the drench film paper is relatively smooth, it will not be sticky if water glue is used, so paper plastic glue must be used.

Paper plastic glue is a water-emulsion product, non-toxic and non-polluting. The glue film is tough, has good permeability to glazing surface and film, high bonding strength, good brush ability, and no wire drawing. Hand-coated products can be bonded within 2-30 minutes, which is very convenient and efficient. Machine-coated products are firmly adhered to at first and will never come off after being bundled and pressed.

Paper plastic glue is a quick-drying product, with fast initial adhesion, destroying the paper fiber in about 30 minutes, without bursting after bonding, and the film is not brittle. Paper plastic glue cannot affect the bonding performance at ambient temperatures below -20 °C and above 70 °C and has excellent low-temperature resistance and high-temperature resistance.

4.    The Advantages and Disadvantages of These Three types of glue

4.1     Water-based Glue

The water-based coating adhesive is made by emulsification of acrylic or polyurethane resin through special emulsification equipment with water as a solvent. Its biggest advantages are variety, environmental protection, low price, and many coatings now use water-soluble glue.

The advantage of water glue is that water is used as a solvent, which is cheap, environmentally friendly, generally non-toxic, and odorless, the glue itself is non-flammable, has a wide range of solid content and a wide range of viscosity, can use high concentrations of high molecular weight materials, and can control penetration and wettability. Some water glues can achieve good water resistance and bonding strength.

The disadvantage is that the curing time is long, and the curing time can be shortened by heating through the drying cylinder. The water resistance is weak (can be improved by adding a curing agent), the initial viscosity is not good, and the bonding strength to difficult-to-stick materials with small polarity is not ideal, and it will freeze at low temperatures, shrink the fabric, wrinkle, or curl the paper, can be contaminated by some metal utensils, corrode some metals, dry slowly, and have poor electrical properties.

The construction is characterized by a wide range of viscosity, which can be sprayed, rolled, and scraped. The construction environment is good, and the machinery and equipment can be washed directly with water.

4.2     Hot Melt Glue

The advantages of hot melt adhesives are lower packaging and shipping costs per unit of material, no freezing, no need for drying and drying equipment, easy bonding of impervious surfaces, rapid bond strength, good storage stability, continuous film, and water resistance, impermeable to water vapor.

The disadvantage is that special application equipment is required, the strength is limited due to the limitation of viscosity and temperature, it will decompose under continuous heating, the controllability of the amount of glue is poor, and the adherend may need to be preheated, and the energy consumption is high. The construction feature is that the hot melt adhesive has powder, granular, block, rod, and film shapes, so there are various ways of gluing, such as spraying, roller coating, dispensing, and spreading, which requires high equipment and is inconvenient to change the process.

4.3     Paper Plastic Glue

Paper plastic glue has a good heat resistance and weather resistance, long storage time, strong viscosity, and does not need to be pressurized for a long time.

All paper and plastic materials are imported and made by high-temperature polymerization. It is a water-based adhesive with high-strength adhesive force, which is safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and non-irritating. Paper plastic has wide adaptability, strong adhesive force, and good high-temperature resistance. It adopts high-quality materials and is produced by advanced technology.

It is a solvent-based adhesive, with high bonding strength, fast bonding speed, and easy to use), cold resistance (-17℃ for 92 hours), and moisture resistance (100% relative humidity for 92 hours) without cracking. The glue is mainly used for the sealing and bonding of paper products such as glazing, calendaring, laminating, and other packaging paper bags, color boxes, and cartons.

Paper plastic glue has good initial adhesion, fast-drying, high final adhesion strength, soft film, is not brittle at low temperature, has good flexural resistance, and is non-toxic. This glue is environmentally friendly, easy to use, and has good storage stability. The paper-plastic technology is simple, the cost is medium, the stability is good, the mixing is good, the safety and environmental protection, and the application are convenient. This is also environmentally friendly, and easy to use. And has good storage stability, high flexural strength, high peel strength, and long use time. This is easy to coat, non-toxic and tasteless, etc.

This glue also has film tensile strength, good internal plasticity, good toughness, and flexibility. The gum is smooth and delicate and has the function of flame retardant and fireproof. Paper plastic glue dries slower than hot melt adhesive.

If you have any other questions, you can leave a message below and we will answer them for you.

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