September 24, 2021

The Position of Paper Bag Making Machine in the Market

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The Position of Paper Bag Making Machine in the Market

1.   Importance of Packaging for Products

2.   The Importance of Packaging Machinery to the Packaging Market

3.   The Status of Paper Bags in Packaging

The Position of Paper Bag Making Machine in the Market

When you are considering buying a paper bag making machine, you will want to know what the position of the paper bag making machine is in the market, and whether there is a great market potential and market profit after purchasing the paper bag making machine. So today I wrote this article to introduce you to the position of paper bag making machine in the market.

1.    Importance of Packaging for Products

Paper bags are first used as packaging materials for commodities, and packaging is a container designed to protect products, facilitate storage and transportation, and promote sales in the process of commodity circulation. Commodity packaging has quietly entered people’s lives since the beginning of commodity trading. It should be said that commodity packaging is the product of the common development of human material civilization and spiritual civilization.

With the improvement of people’s living standards, it increasingly reflects its important value and changes its functional focus. In addition to protecting the goods and facilitating the transportation and storage of the goods, the packaging is more important to promote the sales of the goods and meet people’s aesthetic and psychological needs. Exquisite commodity packaging from different occasions, different environments, different seasons, different directions, approaching people’s lives, beautifying people’s lives, adding endless fun to people’s lives, and satisfying people’s spiritual needs.

In modern society, product packaging is often more important than the contents inside. Many young consumers often choose to buy this product because of its packaging. So, packaging becomes a sales tool that connects manufacturers and consumers. Especially when two competing products are very similar, the packaging must be able to distinguish it from the other’s products due to the existence of small differences, so that consumers are willing to buy your products. Sometimes fancy packaging attracts consumers more than low prices.

2.    The Importance of Packaging Machinery to the Packaging Market

Every commodity needs to be packaged and packaging is very important for commodities, so the position of packaging machinery in the packaging market is self-evident. Packaging machinery can replace manual production to improve production efficiency, and packaging machinery can also ensure the quality of packaging. There may be defective products in hand-made packaging, but packaging machinery can guarantee the production of a specific quantity and a specific size of flawless packaging.

For example, the speed of our paper bag making machine can reach 150 packs per minute, its production efficiency is dozens of times faster than manual production, and the paper bags it produces are all good quality and will not be defective. Our paper bag making machine is standardized to produce paper bags.

In addition, packaging machinery can reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve the working conditions of workers. Hand-made bags are labor-intensive, energy-intensive, and inefficient. For light and small products, workers are prone to occupational diseases due to the high frequency of movements and monotonous movements. For some products that seriously affect health, such as dust, toxic products, etc., manual packaging will inevitably endanger the health of workers.

The packaging machinery can avoid such phenomena. Finally, packaging machinery can also reduce production costs for manufacturers. Manual bag making has a high error rate and rejection rate, more unqualified bags, and more waste of raw materials. Packaging machinery bag making can minimize the range of waste products and reduce the waste of raw materials. And KETE GROUP’s paper bag making machine is fully automatic, which can also reduce labor costs for manufacturers.

3.    The Status of Paper Bags in Packaging

From the plastic restriction order to the plastic ban order, plastic bags are gradually being replaced by paper bags. The plastic structure is stable, not easy to be degraded by natural microorganisms, and will not be separated for a long time in the natural environment. Due to the soft foundation of the plastic bag landfill site, harmful substances such as bacteria and viruses in the garbage can easily penetrate the ground, pollute the groundwater, and endanger the surrounding environment. If plastic waste is incinerated, it will not only produce a lot of black smoke, but also produce dioxins. When dioxin enters the soil, it will endanger plants and crops, and cause serious damage to the liver and brain of animals. And the raw material for making plastic bags is oil. If the packaging of goods is made of plastic bags, it will cause a shortage of oil resources. Therefore, countries around the world have gradually begun to implement bans on plastics.

  1. European: In 2018, the European Parliament passed another decree on the control of plastic waste. According to the decree, from 2021, the EU completely bans member states from using 10 single-use plastic products such as drinking straws, cutlery, and cotton swabs, which will be replaced by paper, straw, or reusable hard plastic. Plastic bottles are collected individually according to existing recycling models; by 2025, Member States are required to have a 90% recycling rate for single-use plastic bottles. At the same time, the bill also requires manufacturers to take more responsibility for the condition of their plastic products and packaging.
  2. France: From January 1, 2020, France has banned the sale of some single-use plastic products, including plastic products such as disposable cotton swabs, disposable cups and plates, and the use of plastic bottled pure water in school canteens. French authorities ban the sale of drinking water in plastic cups, plastic straws and stirring sticks, Styrofoam lunch boxes, etc. in 2021, and plastic packaging of fruits and vegetables are also banned; in 2022, the catering industry, including fast-food chains are banned from selling disposable cutlery that is provided for dine-in customers. The goal is to reduce the use of single-use plastics to zero by 2040.
  3. British Prime Minister Theresa May announced that she will spare no effort to completely ban plastics. In addition to collecting taxes and fees on various plastic products, increasing the research and development of alternative materials, she also plans to eliminate all avoidable plastic waste, including plastic bags, beverage bottles, straws and most food packaging bags by 2042. In addition to the government, the Queen of England has also expressed her strong determination to ban plastic, and she wants to completely ban the use of plastic straws and plastic bottles on all royal sites.

As the best substitute for plastic bags, paper bags are environmentally friendly and recyclable, and will not pollute the environment. Countries around the world are vigorously promoting the use of paper bags to replace plastic bags. As we all know, paper is a recyclable resource. The raw materials of papermaking are mainly plant fibers. In addition to the three main components of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin, there are other components with less content, such as resin and ash. In addition, there are auxiliary ingredients such as sodium sulfate. In addition to plant fibers in paper, different fillers need to be added according to different paper materials.

The commonly used plastic bags are made of polyethylene and the raw material used is petroleum, which is already our scarce energy source. In contrast, paper bags are produced from trees, a renewable resource. It has the characteristics of being degradable and recyclable, and it is naturally labeled with a green label. The paper bag making machine can greatly improve the production efficiency of paper bags. Paper bags are indispensable in our lives, so making paper bags by hand can no longer meet our market needs. The paper bag making machine can not only improve the production efficiency of paper bags, but also ensure the quality of the produced paper bags, so the paper bag making machine occupies a very important position in the market, and the paper bag making machine will have a large market profit.

So, your purchase of paper bag making machine will be completely profitable, and KETE GROUP’s paper bag making machine uses high-quality machine spare parts and has engineers to customize your exclusive paper bag making machine for you, and paper bag making machine. It can be guaranteed for one year and can also work 16 hours a day. KETE GROUP’s paper bag making machine is the most advanced machine that can perform complex functions in a simple way. The safety of the operator and the easy operation of the machine are our primary concerns for the KETE GROUP paper bag making machine. When using our paper bag making machine, the operator only needs to input the operating instructions to complete the work, and the operator does not need to participate in the subsequent production steps. KETE GROUP will use the highest level of manufacturing technology for the assembly of the paper bag machine. Our assembly technicians will read and understand your machine technical drawings and specifications. They will assemble your machine by hand, from small parts to complex systems. More than 20% of KETE GROUP personnel are composed of engineering and technical teams. They understand your requirements and can translate them into production workshops.

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