September 24, 2021

The Air Shaft of the Paper Bag Making Machine

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The Air Shaft of the Paper Bag Making Machine

1.   What is an Air Shaft

2.   How to Repair the Air Leakage of the Air Shaft of the Paper Bag Making Machine

2.1 The Cause of the Air Shaft Itself

2.2 External Environmental Reasons

The Air Shaft of the Paper Bag Making Machine

The Air shaft is an essential accessory of the paper bag making machine. Mechanical parts often have some problems that need to be repaired, so today I will specifically introduce you to the Air shaft and how to repair it.

1.    What is an Air Shaft?

The Air shaft is a special type of winding and unwinding shaft, that is, the shaft whose surface can protrude after high-pressure inflation, and the shaft whose surface part is rapidly retracted after deflation is called the Air shaft. The Air shaft is extremely convenient and quick to use. You only need to provide your own air source. The air pressure should be controlled within the range of 6-8kg/cm2.

To withstand the external parts, when the paper needs to be released, press the slider on the air nozzle by hand, and the external parts can be taken out. KETE GROUP’s Air shaft requires a short inflation time. The separation and placement of the Air shaft and the paper tube can be completed in just 3 seconds. The inflation and deflation can be completed without disassembling any parts at the end of the shaft. Snap to the paper tube. In addition, the paper tube of the Air shaft is easy to place, and any position of the paper tube on the shaft surface can be moved and fixed simply by inflating and deflating. In addition, our Air shaft has a large bearing weight, and the diameter of the shaft can be determined according to the actual needs of customers, and high-strength steel is used to increase the bearing weight.

The economic efficiency of the Air shaft is high, and the design of the Air shaft is for special functions, which can be applied to all kinds of thick, thin, wide, and narrow paper tubes. The Air shaft is easy to maintain and lasts for a long time. The Air shaft is a single part, and each part in its structure has a fixed specification, which can be interchanged and used, making it easy to maintain. Air shafts are generally made according to the needs of practical applications. There are no standard parts, and different types can be selected according to actual needs.

Common types include aluminum alloy Air shafts, expansion key-type Air shafts, and vane-type Air shafts, and some distinguish between metals and non-metals. The Air shaft is generally designed by the user himself and provided to the Air shaft manufacturer. At the same time, the customized requirements should be attached, such as the weight of the Air shaft, the material, and its accuracy requirements. The manufacturer will conduct technical evaluation according to the drawings and other requirements provided by the user, and then carry out production.

As special winding and unwinding equipment, the Air shaft is usually used in conjunction with magnetic powder brakes, magnetic powder clutches, and tension controllers. Its application is very wide, such as the rewinding and unwinding system of laminating machinery, film blowing machinery, paper bag making machinery, non-woven machinery, and other machinery.

As a commonly used part of production machinery, the Air shaft plays a vital role. It uses high-pressure gas to fill in to achieve the function of the shaft. It is widely used in machinery and equipment in the printing industry because the winding characteristics of such shafts are closely related to the air pressure. In mechanical production, its name is also inseparable from gas. Air shafts are often referred to as Air shafts and Air shafts. The reason why this type of Air shaft product is widely used has a lot to do with its product performance. First, the inflation process of this type of shaft is short, and the operation and application are convenient.

Whether the shaft body and other parts fit completely depends on the degree of high-pressure gas. In addition, in terms of the load-bearing range of the shaft, it is very variable and suitable for applications on many occasions. KETE GROUP provides customers with an economical and easy-to-install design for the safety chuck of the Air shaft, which provides fast, safe, reliable, and simple coupling and disengagement for frequent movements such as coupling, transmission, and decoupling.

Moreover, the specifications and dimensions of the transmission part of the Air shaft safety chuck can be designed and manufactured according to the customer’s mechanical specifications and characteristics. The overall structure has excellent rigidity, can withstand high torque, is safe, and will not loosen during rotation. We provide replaceable VT-type reel brackets, which greatly prolong the service life of the Air shaft.

2.    How to Repair the Air Leakage of the Air Shaft of the Paper Bag Making Machine

The air leakage of the Air shaft is the most important phenomenon of the failure of the Air shaft. The occurrence of the air leakage of the Air shaft will make it difficult to function, which is equivalent to the loss of the meaning of this mechanical part. So next I will introduce you to how to repair the air shaft when it leaks.

2.1    The Cause of the Air Shaft Itself

The internal reasons for the air leakage of the Air shaft are as follows:

1. The rupture of the hose of the Air shaft is the most serious air leakage of the Air shaft. The reason is that the hose itself has quality problems, and the shaft head needs to be removed and replaced with a new hose.

2. There is a gap in the sealing ring of the Air shaft. In this case, it needs to be sealed on the sealing ring. That is, re-install the sealing ring of the Air shaft, and then apply the sealant to prevent the leakage of the Air shaft.

3. If the pressure ring of the Air shaft is loose, just tighten the pressure ring, and pay attention to observe whether it is loose at any time.

4. Part of the inflation nozzle of the Air shaft leaks air. Currently, replace the inflation nozzle of the Air shaft and install it again.

5. You also need to confirm whether the airbag of the inflation shaft is damaged. Under normal circumstances, replacing the airbag is a relatively large action, and under normal circumstances, professional tools are required to replace it.

The replacement method is to first remove the screw at the end of the air nozzle and then hoist all the key bars. If the airbag is not hoisted, the airbag cannot be taken out, because the airbag has poor expansion and elasticity after long-term use, resulting in the failure of the airbag. Return to the smallest diameter, that is, the expansion becomes larger. After the key bar is lifted, tap the shaft head with a large hammer to knock it out the shaft head. After the shaft head comes out, take out the airbag inside, and then make a new airbag according to this airbag and install it.

If you need to replace the inner tank, you must first disassemble the air expansion shaft. Before disassembling the air expansion shaft, you must know the structure of the air expansion shaft and then operate it manually. When disassembling, you must first remove the compressed air in the air expansion shaft. After discharge (depress the steelhead of the inflator to exhaust), then disassemble the inflator. The second step is to remove the shaft bar and use a wire with a diameter of 1-1.2mm to penetrate the small holes on the shaft bar along the circumferential direction of the inflation shaft.

The same circumferential direction is a group to prevent the health bar from falling into the aluminum when the airbag is pulled out in an alloy roll. The third step is to heat the contact position between the Air end of the Air shaft and the aluminum alloy rolling cylinder to melt the sealant. At the same time, other parts should be cooled to prevent the deformation of the aluminum alloy mixing cylinder. When the sealant has softened, pull the end out, then slowly pull the liner out.

2.2 External Environmental Reasons

And you also need to check external conditions outside of the Air shaft itself:

1. Whether the incoming power supply voltage, frequency, grounding wire, and grounding resistance of the Air shaft equipment meet the equipment requirements. ​​

2. Whether there is enough maintenance space around the Air shaft equipment. ​​

3. Whether the working environment of the Air shaft equipment meets the PLC working conditions. Whether the installation positions of electrical cabinets, consoles, and other components are exposed to direct sunlight.

4. Whether there is strong vibration or other strong electromagnetic interference equipment around the Air shaft equipment. If yes, whether effective vibration damping, electromagnetic shielding, and protection measures have been taken for the equipment.

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